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From 29th April to 16th May, Lisbon will become an open air bookstore. Welcome to the 80th Book Fair of Lisbon, the most important publishing event in Portugal. With the purposes of promote promotion and spread outspreading the books and the Portuguese language, the 80th Book Fair of Lisbon will be settled in Parque Eduardo VII.

Located in the center of the city recognized worldwide as the home of important poets like Luís Vaz de Camões, author of “Os Lusíadas”, or Fernando Pessoa, whose heteronymous produced a peculiar and unique character, this happening will occupy one of the ‘lungs’ of Lisbon, a public park with an area of 26 hectares.

Therefore, enough space for cohabitation of trees and the nature with more than 230 pavilions of 120 exhibitors, but also thousands of bookaholics, who will have the chance to meet and chat with authors, literary agents and publishers. According to the program, besides the launch of the launching new titles, the 80th Book Fair of Lisbon will be accompanied by cultural activities, such as live music or conferences.

And because the promoter pretends the event as an unforgettable party, there would be all kinds of facilities, like a playground to for little children and restaurants. It will be the right opportunity to taste typical local dishes and desserts along with the portuguese literature.

Literary Dishes

What about a Caldo Verde soup while you read a theatre play of Gil Vicente? Then, the chef suggests a dish from the south of Portugal, Carne de Porco à Alentejana (Pork Meat as done in Alentejo), with a bottle of green and fresh wine, while you read Nobel prize winner for literature José Saramago.

At the end a small cheese tart with cinnamon called Queijada de Sintra, which must be served with a dessert-poem of Adília Lopes:

“Candy” – She dropped the photograph / and when a stranger ran up from behind / to give it to her / she refused to touch it / ‘but you dropped it miss’ / ‘I couldn’t have dropped it because it isn’t mine’ / she didn’t want anyone / and especially not a stranger / to suspect there was any relation / between her and the photograph / it was as if she’d dropped / a blood-soaked handkerchief / because she was the one in the photograph / and nothing belongs to us more than blood / which is why when someone pricks their finger / they stick it right in their mouth to suck the blood / the stranger understood / ‘it’s a picture of you miss’ / ‘it may be a picture of someone who looks just like me’ / ‘but it isn’t me’ / the stranger was a kind person / he didn’t insist / and since he knew beggars / don’t have money for taking pictures / he gave the photograph to a beggar / who ate it up like candy.

article written to Libertas Magazine

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