On the Road: Back to Chișinău without leaving Lisbon

It passed some minutes from 7am. I had left a disco called ‘Jamaica’ and the early morning rays were making glow some blonde hairs. Two foreign girls, together with their eyes, dazzled me! It was summer, indeed, and I was in one of the busiest areas of Lisbon, Cais do Sodré – the capital of the capitals for the night owls who, at this time of the dawn, still want to party. To party or simply do stuff… These four eyes were communicating afraid and uncomfort. At the same time, they were enough strong to take me back to Chișinău, three years after being there.


Train from Odessa to Chișinău

2011´s year marked my debut in the Moldovan capital. It was summer, indeed, and I made a three days stop before heading to Lviv. It was part of a one month adventure around Ukraine and I was arriving at Chișinău´s train station coming from Odessa. Usually, when I travel, I avoid late arrivals in my destinations. However, I didn’t knew how early gets dark there neither knew there were very few street lamps.

It passed enough minutes to be almost 9pm. The early moon rays were becoming shadows in my black hair and I felt I was arriving in the darkest city of the world. I found myself lost: which way should I take? Is there something where I can spend the night? As the time passed without answers, the discomfort was growing. Every second meant a strength against my body and my mind was about to cease.


Shaking by the late arrival in Chișinău

– I can´t spend tonight in these streets full of stray animals in human bodies! – In the dark streets of Chișinău I couldn´t find anyone who spoke english. At the same time, everyone seemed to me vagrants. My stomach was controlling my mind: as I was starving, I decided to enter in the first restaurant I found to take dinner. It was the best option. I asked the waitress about a place to stay and she indicated me a hostel close by: – Go straight our street for 3 minutes and turn to the left. – Thank you so much!!! – Once you see the neons is there! – my saviour added.

After answering me their names, Robyn and Isobel told me they had just arrived in Lisbon, from Canada: – We had a 7 hours flight from Toronto and we caught the airport bus for the city center… but it ended in this kind of ‘war zone’! Those familiar frightened eyes transported me to Chișinău, for the second time. Therefore, that morning, I knew the way: – Follow me, I will take you to the nearest hostel – I tranquilize them.


Chișinău´s city center

Chișinău, by its chaos, people, architecture and nightlife, became a city of good memories. The same feeling I believe my torontonian friends keep, nowadays, about the city I live. Thanks to Robyn and Isobel I went back to Chișinău without leaving Lisbon.


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