15 responses to “photo essay #5: Buenos Aires street art

    • Buenos Aires is so amazing… I wish I could return and do a proper street art tour because the city is huge and I’m aware I havent seen enough… PedroL

      • While I haven’t been there, I do understand. The month I spent in Vietnam went by too quickly and I fell in love with the country and most of all her people. Léa

      • It was magnificent. I don’t travel as a tourist and had the good fortune to travel with a colleague who orginally came from Da Nang. We stayed with her family for a few weeks, took road trips and did some consulting in Saigon. Amazing and I highly recommend it. A good weekend to you. Léa

      • it’s always better when we have the chance to ‘mix’ with the locals 🙂 that’s why I love to travel slowly and meet locals, have their inputs and tips eheh and in the last decade I had the chance to live in 6 cities: 6 months in Skopje; 9 months in Riga; 1 year in Nice; 3 months in Taipei; 2 months in Berlin; and 2 months in Kiev… Buenos Aires next?? why not?? ahah PedroL

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