Mood: On Travelling, Yet Connected

Today as the first day of the rest of my life: I start a world trip and you can easily follow it through my Facebook page.

This is the story: I´ve just arrived in São Miguel island, part of the portuguese archipelago of Azores, half-way from Europe to America. [Of course, to my beloved american readers, also half-way from America to Europe.] This is the first stop of a trip as I always dreamed: with time!

This way, I believe my mind will be more open to meet new people from different cultures, their traditions and ways of living. I’m conscious it will be impactful, as in my plan I will be for the first time in the Baltics, Caucasus region and Central Asia, for instance.

The Storyteller

On the other hand, travelling is an investment in myself. I’m sure it will help me to beget new ideas and become more creative with the goal of storytelling the world. In my mind, there’s constantly this sentence prophesied by Ibn Battuta: ‘Travelling – it leaves you speachless, then turns you into a storyteller’.

Over the next months, you will have the chance to see some results. In fact, the last few weeks I scheduled regular posts as well as developed new projects which I hope you appreciate. So, by now, and before take off, I would like to thank all your support and ensure that, despite being on the road, I’m still connected and glad to make you part of this trip. Join me!


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