On the Road: When I got the music, I got a place to go*

Music is part of everyone lives. As Nietzsche wrote in ‘Twilight of the Idols’, ‘Without music, life would be a mistake’. And I agree. Music has the power to make life better: some lyrics can teach you to deal day by day; a melody has the power to turn you happy; a song can transport you, not only in distance but also in time. I believe it so much because I´ve experienced it! In fact, music is the ticket to remember many of my travels. During the longest trip I had so far, from July until September this year, mainly in Asia, I had three moments that nowadays I remember thanks to three songs. I know it sounds kind of nostalgic but I´m sure it happened the same with you.

This portuguese rock-classic I heard in São Miguel island. It was the begining of the trip and me and my girlfriend decided to rent a taxi for a day to visit the entire azorean island. Our taxi driver turned on the radio and sunddenly started this song. I remember to be on the left side of the backseat and looking through the window. Everything was making sense: the rhythm and the lyrics of the song with the landscape, harsh yet simultaneously mystical.

It was in a similar context I heard the second song! Me and my girlfriend landed at 4am in Bishkek airport and had a taxi driver waiting for us in arrivals area. Once we entered the car and headed to the center of kyrgyz capital, a local radio started to play this Red Hot Chili Peppers´s hit. When I listen this song I smile as I remember the oddity: we were in a sovietic car going through a destroyed road listening one of the biggest american bands and watching the sunrise. The Peppers are not our favorite band but, it´s a fact, they were the soundtrack of our debut in Central Asia!

It was our sixth day in Tbilisi and me and my girlfriend wanted to see the georgian countryside. As we did in other occasions, we negociated with a local taxi driver a full day trip. Our agreement included 4 or 5 stops, from the scenic and historical villages of Mtskheta and Gori, to the rich orthodox heritage of Jvari and Gergeti. However, our experienced chauffeur wanted to give us more. Somewhere surrounded by the georgian vineyards, me and my girlfriend found ourselves listening the original version of one of our songs, ‘Million Roses’. In the backseat of that car (me, again, on the left side), if there was a word to describe the moment, we would scream ‘epic!’.

I am conscious this article has became a dj set. Don´t worry, it was the last song. Not the least… Two months have passed and we are glad to listen this playlist over and over and over again. We just realized it made our journey unforgetable. As every trip should be!

* Although this chronicle´s title was based in a Rancid´s song, I wrote it listening Ladytron´s ‘Best of’ album. I do confirm, music is everywhere in my life. And I know it is also in yours.


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