sky story #6: The voice, Dubai

Mr Brum arrived in Dubai and needs to reach Al Satwa. Because it´s his first time in the emirate, Mr Brum decides to look into the sky and follow a voice. This secret voice tells him: from Mankool Road you should walk 5 minutes until you find Al Marsa street. In the crossroad of Al Marsa street and Al Yahoom street, you should turn to the left to the 10th street. Go straight until you find Al Ahaimer street. There, you should cross the 7th street, pass World Trade Center 1 and walk through Al Kuwait street. At this point look to your right and turn to the 52nd street. Stop. Follow Al Ghubaiba and then you´re in Al Satwa. Welcome Mr Brum!

In the sky of Dubai, there is a secret voice to help you find your way.

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