Rigas Diena #2: Thoughts in the Post Office

When you are in a new city, there are events that turn your status from a simple traveller to a local. You can notice it when you comment the football results with the butcher, when you start to plan how to avoid the drunk of the street or even when you give a tip to someone you (want to) believe is lost.

Well, this week me and A. turned officially to locals in Riga: we went to the post office! To be more precise, we walked from our home to the post office. Once in there, we took a number and waited to be called by one of the ladies. And during this time I realize something about myself: all my life I had a strong connection with post offices.

I´m a curious person and, when I was younger, I had some penpals. And I loved it! I learned a lot about other cultures and ways of living. Furthermore, it helped me to develop my writing skills and deepen my (sparing) english.

Back to the Krisjana Valdemara iela´s post office, I remember all the emotions about receiving and opening letters sent from all over the world. At that time, it seemed to me I was travelling to all those countries. So, I found myself concluding that a post office is like an airport.

Before judging my mental health follow the fact: a post office is the place to do the check-in of letters, some of which will fly everywhere in the world, right? It explains why I like so much post offices. Everytime I go there, I think about all the possible destinations I can take for my next journey.

During such thoughts I suddenly saw A. talking with the post office lady. She had called our number and I didn´t even noticed.
A. sent out a letter to France. It´s expected to arrive there inbetween 3 to 5 working days. If we were travellers, we could take a plane and we got there in less than three hours.

But now we can walk to the post offices and we can give tips to everyone who is lost in the streets of our new city. Our status changed: we became locals. We stay in Riga.

p.s: Mum and Dad, next time I go to the butcher, I promess I will not mention last weekend´s result of Spartak Jurmala.

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4 responses to “Rigas Diena #2: Thoughts in the Post Office

  1. This is a nice post! I had a pen-pal from Trinidad when I was a young girl. I still have her cards and letters in a scrapbook.

    • Dear Edgar, thank you so much for your comment 🙂 I still have such great memories from that period and to arrive at home and have new amazing letters to read from people from all over the world eheh have a wonderful week 🙂 PedroL

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