Travellers Chat #1: Mani from A New Life Wandering

Mani is from Mexico City, has been in 20 countries and lived in 6 different cities. Is there a better way to start the new ‘Travellers Chat’? This 26 years old blogger shares in ‘A New Life Wandering‘ her passion for travel, food and healthy living. In PedroL, she shared some of her most unforgetable travel experiences and gave some tips about travelling on a low budget.

Are you travelling at the moment?
Nope, I’m currently in Oregon where I’ve resided for the last 2 years.

Where was your last trip?? In this place, can you please suggest some things to do or see?

India. Specifically, Meherabad in Maharashtra. I stayed at the MPR (Meher Pilgrim Center), a spiritual and super peaceful place that I’d recommend to everyone and specifically those who are interested in getting away from the stress and chaos of the world and instead be joyful and worry-free for the duration of your stay.

What´s you next destination??

Mexico City. I’m flying there in December for a week to hang out with friends and family.

Please share with our readers one of your most unforgetable travel experiences.

I would say my trip to Meherabad but for the sake of variety, traveling to Russia was pretty unforgettable. I visited Saint Petersburg and Moscow and it was quite a trip. I got to admire art at the Hermitage and the unique architecture of Russian cathedrals, I got to attend a folk dance performance and take a shot of complimentary vodka, I got to learn how to travel via the metro where everything is in Russian, and more. A very interesting place to visit indeed.

What are your suggestions to travel with a low budget?

Actually, I traveled to both India and Russia on a budget. The MPR is only about 10usd a night including 3 meals a day! And in Russia I stayed in cheap hotels. Saving on accommodation is key. Another big saver is learning to use the local public transportation: buses, metro, etc to get around. Also try to find places where you can explore without paying, such as museums with free admission.

Now let´s play with our imagination. Imagine that tomorrow you will have the longest journey ever: a 12 hours flight + 3 hours stopover in some airport + another 10 hours flight. What do you suggest to do during this time?

Well, my recent trip to India included 2 short flights, 2 stopovers and one 15 hour flight, so I have a pretty good idea. I used to be a lover of physical books but I love my kindle, and I love that you can carry many books in it. One book I really recommend is The Alchemist. I find that classical music is great for sleeping in airplanes. Another cool activity is zentangle. It only requires pen and paper and it is very meditative, give it a go!

PedroL would like to thank Mani for kick off ‘Travellers Chat’, sharing her interesting travel experiences and colorful photos. You can find her in:
A New Life Wandering


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