Rigas Diena #5: My coffee method

Coffee aroma is one of my childhood remembrances. Instantly! When I was little PedroL (a child, I mean), I used to accompany my father to the same cafeteria, every night. And I remember to ask him why he was not taking coffee in the cafeterias we were passing by, closer to our home. About one, he answered, ‘I don´t like the coffee flavour here!’, while in another the problem was ‘the aroma’.

I grew up and I extended my father´s method. I started to decide in which streets I would walk according to its coffee aromas. According to my system, the most pleasant streets to walk are those with the sweetest coffee scent. The ones that you close your eyes and you can breath it subtly.

During my first month in Riga, I tried to discover the city putting into practice my (let´s call) ‘ramble method’. In vain! Latvian capital must be one of the cities with more cafeterias per street in the world. In every street I´ve crossed people walking with coffee in hand. My head is like a weathercock!

Latvians love coffee and everywhere you can easily find a modern place to hang out with friends and family. It doesn´t mean that coffee shops are vulgar in Riga. In general, coffee shops are very cozy and can easily become the ideal place to read a book or work. (On the other day, for instance, I stared a crossroad from a cafeteria´s window for more than 10 minutes…)

The truth is, this situation is problematic. In my first month in the city, I haven´t developped my own map of Riga. I´m constantly lost because I found too many pleasant streets to ramble. I better should invite my father to help me with his simplified method.

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7 responses to “Rigas Diena #5: My coffee method

  1. I love coffee but I never drank it as a child. I started in my teens. I drink strong black coffee with no milk or sugar when I am home. If I order at some coffeshop I sometimes drink Cappuciono.

  2. What a lovely childhood memory description! Hope you’ll find the perfect coffee in Riga. Do they drink a lot of hot chocolate there as in neighbour capital Vilnius?

    • 🙂 actually latvians are more into coffee: cappuccino or latte eheh and not that temperature is like 0, people walk everywhere with coffee in hands 😉

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