sky story #9: Reflectors, Tokyo

Naoki always dreamed to touch the sky.  One day, she trained her muscles to jump the highest possible. Another day, she climbed to the top of the biggest tree. Every other day, she tied a dozen of ballons to her wrist.

Naoki failed all her attempts. She never materialized this dream, so nowadays she wastes her time wandering through the skyscrapers of her hometown: its reflections are the closest way to touch the sky.

In the sky of Tokyo, there are floating countless dreams of the mortals.


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10 responses to “sky story #9: Reflectors, Tokyo

    • 🙂 glad to read that!! wish you a lot of fun in Tokyo, it´s a huge but amazing city 🙂 I´m planning to go there this year, let´s see if I manage to do it 🙂 PedroL

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