Rigas Diena #7: Coincidences and Consequences

Coincidences are such an interesting matter! Every now and then, I made decisions based in casual connections between events. Don´t get me wrong, but the truth is: I´m extremely attentive to details and I can easily find logic in the most distinct objects.

For example, I was looking for a new novel to read and I went to Janis Roze bookstore. After flirting with some books, I decided to bring home ‘Norwegian Wood’. I always wanted to read Haruki Murakami but the real reason to buy his book was a coincidence: it happened in the last days of November and the second sentence of the book called me – ‘Cold november rains drenched the earth’.

As I looked outside the decision was made: Krisjana Barona iela was packed with the chaotic dance of umbrellas and jackets. (Together with the bookstore´s ambient music, the atmosphere made me imagine a music clip…)

The days have gone and a serie of coincidences followed the lecture of ‘Norwegian Wood’. Last week, a japanese tourist asked me how he could reach the train station. I had some free time, so I took him personally there. During our short walk, he presented himself: borned 23 years ago in Tokyo (just like the main character of Murakami´s book), he took two weeks to visit the Baltic region.

– And why do you decide to come here? – I asked. – Actually it´s a funny coincidence… – he started to say. – My name is Kahoku, which means ‘amber’ in japanese and I read the Baltic region is known for having the biggest amber resources in the world. So I thought it was a good reason to come. – he concluded. – That´s a really interesting coincidence!! – I answered him before we say goodbye.

Once alone, I walked Vecriga (Riga´s old town) moved by thoughts. – Probably I just met this japanese traveller because I bought Murakami´s book… I found myself presuming that is not by coincidence that coincidences rhyme with consequences. Coincidences are such an interesting matter that made me wonder about you: if it hadn´t rained last november in Riga, would you be now reading this chronicle?

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