Travellers Chat #4: Jesse & Atreyee from Bespoke Traveler

Jesse Japitana and Atreyee Gupta created Bespoke Traveler, a publication dedicated to travel in a creative way: interactive travel stories; digital books and multimedia. In World Wide PedroL they shared some of their memories from the road as well as many tips to travel on a budget.

Are you travelling at the moment?
At the moment we are finishing off a road trip in the United States that started from California and will end in New England. There are plenty of things to do and see in the New England region, especially in the state of Massachusetts.

Some of our favorites are: The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston which features a curated collection inside the house of one of the city’s leading philanthropist and art collectors of the nineteenth century; The town of Oak Bluffs on the northeastern shore of Martha’s Vineyard where we like hanging out at Ocean Park and Mount Greylock State Reservation in Lanesborough Massachusetts which has over 70 miles of hiking trails and wonderful views of the surrounding Berkshire landscape.

What´s you next destination??
Our next destination will most likely be Asia with a stopover in England.


Cathedral in Cusco, Peru

Please share with the readers one of your most unforgetable travel experiences.
Jesse: My most memorable travel experience is attending the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. It was awesome to assemble with like-minded football fans from around the world, watch some of the top athletes exhibit their skills, and experience a true sense of community. Of course, the gorgeous landscapes in South Africa added to the excitement. (link for our story)

Atreyee: For me, one of the most unforgettable moments in travel was having my overconfidence broken in Cusco. I thought I had conquered the abrupt change in altitude only to be forcibly brought down by it during our exploration of the region. It’s times when travel reveals to me my weaknesses that I find significant. It opens up my way of thinking. (link for our story)

What are your suggestions to travel with a low budget?
We try to save money in various ways while traveling. Here are three which help: by staying at the homes of friends or friends of friends, which also allows us to experience local life more closely; by buying local produce, like fresh bread and cheese, that makes for good snacks on the road. We eat with our local hosts, so that helps and in return we try to help out by cooking some of the meals; by taking local transportation and walking whenever we can, which again helps us immerse ourselves in the destination and explore deeply.

What makes you want to travel?
We love traveling because it teaches us so much about ourselves and our place in this world. One of our objectives is to show our readers how transformative travel can be, as we reveal how it shifts our perspectives and alters our characters. We also want to keep traveling because we view destinations as living entities, with their own unique personality which we love discovering.


During the American road trip

Now let´s play with our imagination. Imagine that tomorrow you will have the longest journey ever: a 12 hours flight + 3 hours stopover in some airport + another 10 hours flight. What do you suggest to do during this time?
On such a long travel day we usually stock up on movies to watch and books to read. The television series “Long Way Down” featuring a motorcycling adventure from Scotland to South Africa is a great way to get into the travel mood. Other shows that keep us entertained are: Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown; Ken Burns’ National Parks documentary; 180° South, a documentary about the outdoors and our responsibilities towards it.

Some beautiful travel books which have inspired us on our journeys are: “Tracks,” by Robyn Davidson, about her solo 1,700 mile trek through the Australian Outback; “Into the Wild,” by Jon Krakauer, about the troubled life and wanderings of Christopher Johnson McCandless; “One World,” is not a travel book but an anthology of short stories from writers around the world, published by New Internationalist.

Also of course we try to stretch our legs during all that time and do some light yoga to make sure our limbs don’t fall asleep.

Thanks for inviting us to do this interview! We wish you and your readers a beautiful travel life.

I´m the one who thank you for your participation in ‘Travellers Chat’. It was very exciting to read about your travels and sharing your photos. I hope we can meet on the road someday.



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