rigas diena #8: Letter to A.

Lisbon, 22nd december 2015

dearest A.,
how is everything going in France? How is your family? What about your friends, have you seen everyone? Lisbon welcomed me windy but sunny as always! Probably because we spent last months in Riga, these 16 celsius degrees taste like summer to me. In fact, the solar rays became kind of agressive to my eyes, unaccustomed to such a powerful sun lights.

It is also great how long are the days in Lisbon! But, we both know, it will be significant as well in Riga: yesterday was the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, which means from now on the days will grow. Oh! Oh! Oh! When it comes the night in Lisbon, the lights are other: everywhere you can find illumination that takes christmas to the streets, in the monuments, in the trees.

It´s funny, now, to think how Riga has been always in our life, in everyone´s life, remembering the legend of the christmas tree. Before moving to Riga, we didn´t knew this tradition started there…


I´ve seen Lisbon crowded with people running to buy presents that will compound their trees. In my parent´s home, I smile like a nutcase, thinking about the gifts we bought to our relatives. Do you remember, my love, when we went to the Laima museum in Miera iela and bought this chocolate box that represents the clock in the city center?

I´m sure I don´t have to remind you that morning when we wandered in the old town and found beautiful chocolate boxes with classical images of the city. Either the other afternoon we sought after a postcard of the ‘Black Cat House’! What about the Balzam bottles for our friends? It´s interesting to be far from Riga and remember these walks… it made us discover more of the city, don´t you agree?

My beloved A., I miss you and to be with you at home: running to the living room to see unexpected fireworks exploding over Daugava river; to discover, from our bedroom, the roof of the sports hall covered by new football´s balls; to take breakfast in t-shirt and shorts in our heated kitchen, while outside the city is being covered by snow.

Well, soon we will be together again and I know it will be even better: longer days mean more time to discover Riga and ourselves. I can´t wait to be with you again.

I wish a Merry Christmas for you and all your family.
With all my love,
yours truly,

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