Rigas Diena #9: The Timeless Chain

It´s been more than a week since I arrived in Cascais (my hometown, in the suburbs of Lisbon). Christmas means family and that´s why I came to spend some days with my close relatives.

After all this time in Riga, it is nice to be back and meet my friends, enjoy the warm weather and walk in the streets of Lisbon. (And I could mention the hours I spent reading newspapers and the afternoons pretending I am lost in bookstores…)

During my stay in Cascais, several times I remember Riga. But today I would like to write about Jurmala. For those who don´t know, Jurmala is a beach resort easily reachable in a 40 minutes train ride from Riga.

Just like Cascais! I grew up in this beach destination and every time I need to go to Lisbon I use the train line that connects both cities. It is, in fact, the fastest and most pleasant way to arrive in the city center of Lisbon. So, one of these days, I took this train and through my mind flew images of the day me and A. went to Jurmala.

It was a sunny but cold day. Inside, the warm carriage almost tricked us: we were expecting to get off in a train station called Jurmala but Majori was the right one.

As we left the train, we walked alone for some time until we finally reach Jomas iela. This long pedestrian street was the perfect image of the low season period: a small street market had more sellers than visitors; many of the restaurants were closed; and the shops empty.

So we kept walking. As we crossed some streets, we appreciated the local architecture: everywhere we saw wooden-houses with private gardens. Once we saw the first dunes, we understood the highlight of Jurmala was right there: we walked a little wooden path and suddenly were in the beach!

Jurmala beach is long, so long we couldn´t see its end. Wheter go to the left or to the right, we would find only white sand. So we walked to the side we found a blue street bench. We sitted there for some time. I closed my eyes and, at that moment, thanks to the typical roar of the waves, I imagine myself back home, in Cascais.

I have been in many beaches. Not only in Portugal but also abroad: Yalta, in Crimea; Montevideo, in Uruguay; Kamakura, in Japan. However, in that precious instant, I could only have imagined Cascais because I grew up here. In fact, my roots are buried in the beaches of Cascais line.

Spending these days in Cascais, I had the chance to went to the beach and remember this moment in Jurmala. It is amazing how it looks like a mirror: in Jurmala I remembered Cascais and in Cascais I remember Jurmala. It seems to me that every moments are connected and life is a game that we play by linking all of them in a timeless chain.

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