Rigas Diena #10: The Metachronicle

This week I want to write a chronicle about my return to Riga. Firstly, I will refer my departure from Lisbon. I should mention that I met A. in Paris.

And I can not forget to share our experience in Israel: our New Year´s eve in Tel Aviv; our discovery of Jerusalem; our surprise towards Eilat, where, for the first time in my life, I was in the beach in January.

Secondly, I will refer the flight to Kaunas. I believe it´s interesting to make an allusion to the fact I faced a thermal shock, passing from 30º in Eilat to -18º in this lithuanian city. What about those -26º wherewith Riga has greeted me and A.?

This point is perfect to exaggerate, since I had never experienced such cold: when me and A. walked home, I felt nausea, I almost couldn´t breath and my legs hurt all-over with cramps.

Thirdly, to finish, the importance of being back to the streets of Riga. What have I seen different? Who have I met in the last days? Is there any new graffiti piece of art?

This moment of the chronicle will be perfect to introduce one of my personal secrets of the city: everytime I cross the bridge in front of the Freedoom Monument (Brivibas Piemineklis), I confirm that the Laima clock and the train station clock match about the hour and the minutes.

It will be really cool to share it with my readers, as I want to know if any of them (locals and visitors) also do it.

So, chronicle planned! Now start to write PedroL.

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