Rigas Diena #11: A tea with Heraclitus

This last week I´ve been reading a lot. In Lisbon I used to read at home but also outside, in the public transportation or in the parks. In Riga, home is the most pleasant place to read: outside is constantly snowing and parks disappeared under the white. (What about this snow covering the city, am I the only one that remembers of cakes covered with chantilly?)

Well, one of the authors I´m reading is portuguese but I believe he could have wrote this book in Riga. In my opinion, José Luís Peixoto in ‘A House in Darkness’ wrote one of the best descriptions about the cold: ‘A winter remembered for being the coldest winter of a lifetime. A full winter.’ The sentence ‘A full winter’ is just three words but describe perfectly this last week.

These days I also re-read some Heraclitus words. I admite this pre-socratic greek philosopher and I´m always excited to think about his ‘everything flows’ quote. His idea is simply amazing: all entities move and nothing remains still. ‘No man ever steps in the same river twice’, Heraclitus advocated.

I absolutely agree with the philosopher. To be honest, I must admit one of my traditions here in Riga: everytime I walk around the beautiful Bastejkalns park, I look to the city channel to confirm that the waters are flowing.

It all worked well until one of these days when I discovered the unimaginable: the channel is frozen and the waters are stopped. ‘What is happening down there in the city channel??’ I´ve been wondering to myself.

As I can´t find answers to my question, hereby I would like to invite Heraclitus for a hot drink. The meeting point is on the best spot to relax and admire the city channel: Apsara tea house in the middle of Bastejkalns park. Feel free to join me!

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