Travellers Chat #5: Ruta from Ruta Travels

Ruta is a latvian student living in Barcelona, Spain. This 26 years old girl loves challenges and highlight the norwegian Trolltunga trail as one of her unforgetable travel experiences. In PedroL, she shared some great ideas to travel on a budget and to face long distance flights.

Are you travelling at the moment?
Yes, in fact, I am travelling for three weeks already. Explored Portugal’s Porto, Lisbon and Covilhã. Currently in Seville, which stole my heart already in the first day. Happy colors and trees with fat oranges. What I usually do is look for the hidden gems rather than spend loads of time in the top touristic places. I suggest sneaking in the magical courtyards whenever there are doors open for curious city explorers.

What´s you next destination??
In the next days will visit Cordova and Granada. Have a thought to visit Morocco next month.

Please share with our readers one of your unforgettable travel experiences.
The prize goes to the Trolltunga trail in Norway. It was a 2 day hike of 22 kilometers, up and down tricky mountain trails. Snow, strong wind, rain, mud and +15 to +1C made it beautifully challenging. But hey, great things happen out of the comfort zone. I discovered magical views which at times twirled my insides.

What are your suggestions to travel with a low budget?
I would suggest exploring homepages of low cost flight deals. If caught and bought in timely manner can save decent amount of monies. Another tool is CouchSurfing, which is a community of travellers around the globe where one either hosts a traveller or stays as a guest at another member’s home. This not only allows saving on accommodation but also adds great value by enabling to exchange experiences with locals.

Now let´s play with our imagination. Imagine that tomorrow you will have the longest journey ever: a 12 hours flight + 3 hours stopover in the airport + another 10 hours flight.What do you suggest to do during this time?
As I find it extremely difficult to fall asleep during flights and given such long time I would get myself well equipped. My long list of movies suggested by my friends would become handy. As I enjoy learning languages I would have my little notebook of the new words, currently Spanish, with me. Would also make sure that my phone is fully charged to be able to play DuoLingo, which is nice software for broadening vocabulary.

Dear Ruta, thank you so much for sharing your photos and tips with me and other travellers. It was great to read you! Please let me know when you return to Riga!


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2 responses to “Travellers Chat #5: Ruta from Ruta Travels

  1. Hi PedroL – it was my pleasure to take part in your Travellers Chats.
    In fact, I loved Seville so much that I have an idea to return in spring when the orange aroma makes it’s inhabitants pleasantly dizzy as they say..
    See you in Riga,
    – Ruta

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