On the Road: Copenhagen, Four Days with the Little Mermaid

Copenhagen hosted me and A. during ‘Valentine´s Day’ extended weekend. It was our first time in Denmark and we were pleasantly surprised by the danish capital.

Copenhagen is a vibrant and exotic city. And despite the hostel we stayed [you can read my impressions in this article], we came with the best impression: Søren Kierkegaard´s hometown is easy to roam, thanks to several interconnected pedestrian streets in its heart.

Nevertheless, Copenhagen offers various green parks and is ranked #1 as the most bike-friendly city on the planet. In fact, during four days we discovered the danish capital in two-wheels and in foot.

Nørrebro became our favorite district of Copenhagen. Situated northwest of the city centre, Nørrebro is an alternative area, where we found amazing street art and some of the coolest bars. Fruitshops, bookstores and theaters are some of the local attractions that contribute for a relaxed evening.

Christiania is another mandatory stop for every Copenhagen´s visitor. This self-proclaimed ‘Freetown’ is also known as ‘Green Light District’: you can buy and smoke weed, hanging out with locals and foreigners in a public artsy place, full of bars and even a stage for live performances.

The peaceful atmosphere reminded me of summer festivals. There´s only one difference: in Christiania every day is a party.

‘Nyhavn’ and the ‘Little Mermaid’ are two of the most famous attractions in Copenhagen. In my opinion, both are fascinating and are the icons of the town.


The first image of ‘Nyhavn’ is unforgetable: the colourful façades of the buildings drowned in the city canal took me somehow to the ambiance of a work signed by some flemish painter.

About the ‘Little Mermaid’ the reason is… naif: I had the impression she wanted to communicate with me. Really! I can swear this half-human sea creature wanted to tell me something. She didn´t because was too shy due to all the tourists around her.

In a nutshell, Copehagen is worth of visiting: this safe and cosmopolitan city invites its guests to stay longer.

Likewise, Copenhagen is the perfect starting point to discover other towns. Such as Malmö. During our stay in the danish capital, me and A. took the train that connects the two cities and had a great day in the third largest swedish town.


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17 responses to “On the Road: Copenhagen, Four Days with the Little Mermaid

  1. Thank you, Pedrol for your nice review of Copenhagen. I live 10 kilometre outside the city and I find deep pleasure in biking or going for a long walk.
    I love Copenhagen and have great memories from all sorts of events.
    It’s great to learn that you had a pleasant stay ❤
    All the best,

    • thank you so much for commenting my article 🙂 it´s nice to have readers in such a beautiful city like Copenhagen! and by the way, you´re truly lucky to live there eheh cheers 🙂

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