photo essay #40: Saint Petersburg Historical Center, Russia

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48 responses to “photo essay #40: Saint Petersburg Historical Center, Russia

  1. Fabulous photos! We are hoping to do one of the riverboat cruises from Moscow to St. Petersburgh in the next couple of years, so could see these things for ourselves! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    • thank you for your comment 🙂 hope you have the chance to visit St Petersbourg because it´s truly beautiful! cheers PedroL

  2. I have been dreaming of visiting Russia since a long time ago. Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Kazan are some places in the country that I want to see the most. Interestingly there was one time when I had a dream of traveling in Russia, but it was Vladivostok! Your photos really make me want to go now.

    • glad you enjoyed my article! I didn´t went to Kazan but would love to experience to cross the country by train 🙂 maybe someday, we´ll see!!! cheers PedroL

      • I don’t know yet! Hopefully soon. I currently live in Shanghai now, so I am thinking to go from China through Russia and back to Europe 😉

      • eish, that´s great!!!! are you planning to do the transsiberian train??? that´s on my bucket list, but from Europe to China eheh 🙂 PedroL

      • I really want to do that transsiberian train! putting $ aside for it. maybe during spring or summer in Russia will be a good idea!

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