On the Road: Four Days in Saint Petersburg

‘There is nothing better than Nevsky Avenue, in St. Petersburg at any rate; it means everything for this city.‘ ‘Saint Petersburg Stories’, Nicolai Gogol

For someone who grew up reading the Russian classics of literature, a visit to Saint Petersburg [see the photo essay here] is a dream come true! So-called ‘Venice of the North’, Saint Petersburg is a historical and glamorous city, full of attractions and references that allow every visitor to experience one of the most unforgetable journeys of a lifetime.

Although its magnitude, my trip to Saint Petersburg was confined to Nevsky Avenue and its surroundings, in addition to this escapade for some hours in Peterhof Palace [see the photo essay here].

During 4 days, I wandered around this avenue that connects Admiralty (the impressive headquarters of the Russian Navy) to the Moscow Railway station (where I got the Sapsan – a high speed-train – to Moscow [see the photo essay here]).

Considering such a short stay in the city planned by Peter the Great to be the most important in Russia, Nevsky Avenue is, undoubtedly, the point to be.

Along its 4,5 kilometers, I would like to highlight the following points: the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood (the iconic cathedral of Saint Peterburg); the Mikhailovsky Palace; the Kazan cathedral; and the Anichkov Bridge, the oldest and most famous bridge across the Fontanka River, known for its striking decorations of four horses.

Around Nevsky Avenue

Despite the widespread historical centre, Saint Petersburg is a city that invites you to walk. Powered by the energy of discovery, I tread from the Ermitage to the Saint Isaac Cathedral and the Bronze Horseman statue.

A few more steps to the west I crossed the emblematic Neva river and visited Vassilievski island, with the impressive Assumption of the Virgin orthodox cathedral and the University of Saint Petersburg.

In this island, I would like to suggest a visit to the Pushkin House, where there is the Institute of Russian Literature, and the Birzhevaya Square, where I rested in a park that has a great view to the Peter and Paul Fortress and the Neva river [see the photo essay here].

Saint Petersburg is definitely a city to return! After this trip, I just realized there´s still so much to see and experience. Until my comeback to the cultural capital of Russia, I will remain wandering around Nevsky Avenue through Gogol´s ‘Saint Petersburg Stories’.


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