Telliskivi: Tallin´s Cultural Hub

In a recent trip to Tallin [you can see the photo essay here], I just realized I´ve visited the estonian capital four times! Compared to other cities, I must confess that I´ve been there enough to make me wonder what drives me again and again: is it the well preserved medieval old town? perhaps the mix of sovietic and nordic architectures in the city center? or maybe the locals.

In fact, among the Baltic countries, I´ve found Tallin the most cosmopolitan city: everywhere you can hear different languages (thanks to the tourists but also to the expats), locals are friendly and open-minded; but also there´s a vibrant cultural scene and it´s easy to find an event to go.

One of my last discoveries in the estonian capital is Telliskivi Creative City [you can see the photo essay here]. Located in Kalamaja district (after the main train station), this old factory complex became a magnet for creative companies and offers a variety of services: concert halls; theatre stage; and galleries; bars, shops and rehearsal spaces.

Telliskivi is the perfect spot to go for a drink and relax with (old and new) friends. Art is everywhere and many of the walls are covered with graffiti. Telliskivi Creative City is definitely the place to go… hereafter, I know, is one of the reasons that will make me return to Tallin.

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11 responses to “Telliskivi: Tallin´s Cultural Hub

  1. Great stuff, PedroL. And thanks for swinging by my site to give another like. It’s good to come back and see what you’re up to. Stay on the good foot, and keep spinning out the stories.

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