On the Road: Porvoo, A Paradise in Colour

Porvoo is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been! Located just 50km east of Helsinki, Porvoo owns the title for second oldest city in Finland, which is reflected in its historic yet well-preserved old town.

In fact, Old Porvoo [you can see the photo essay here] is a dream come true: cobbled streets are lined by wooden houses, most of them hosting charming shops and intimate cafés.

Arriving from the bus station, me and A. started by exploring the upper town of Porvoo. From the very beginning, we felt like daydreaming: coloured wooden houses paint every street and soon we found one of the highlights of Porvoo, the Cathedral.

In this square we also discovered the Bishop´s House and the Chapter House, completed in 1759 to serve as a grammar school until 1850. Yellow and green pastel houses coloured our descend to the west bank of river Porvoonjoki.

We passed a wooden bridge and walked to the beautiful national park that hosts Linnanmäki, the old castel hill, a truly inspirational spot.

On the way back to the center, me and A. crossed the Old Bridge and found the iconic view of the red-ochre painted riverside warehouses. But Porvoonjoki had a surprise for us: thanks to its magic waters, we were blessed by a trembling image of Porvoo reflected in the river.

To thank the Gods, me and A. decided to pick one of the few benches in the riverside to ate our lunch. – What a perfect scenery for a picnic! – we agreed.

Back to the Old Town, we roamed around the Town Hall square, but our day was made. It´s easy to fall in love with Porvo: its coloured architecture mixed with a peaceful and harmonious mood conquered me and A. forever!

From Helsinki you can easy arrive in Porvoo by taking one of the many buses that, every hour, depart from Kamppi bus station. Trip takes around 45 minutes and costs 9eur (one way). Last but not least, we would like to thank Visit Porvoo to create all the conditions for us to write this article.


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59 responses to “On the Road: Porvoo, A Paradise in Colour

  1. Such a cute city ❤ I did not know about it: small jewels like this are for the ones that dig, thanks for sharing.

    • dear Debra, thank you for commenting 🙂 I´m sure you had a lovely time!! would love to move to Porvoo and take some time to be inspired to write there eheh let me know if you publish some pictures 🙂 cheers PedroL

    • dear Catherine, welcome to my blog 🙂 thank you for commenting!! Porvoo is amazing, one of those cities that, if you´ve been there, you´ll never forget it 🙂 hope someday to return there too eheh PedroL

  2. I visited Porvoo a year ago and found it to be very picturesque and charming, so I was interested in what it was like for you. Glad you had time to explore!

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  4. This was wonderful. I like the fact that you’re discovering small towns which are lesser known but far better in beauty. Would love to visit this someday. 🙂

    • Thanks for your words Stuti 🙂 if you visit Helsinki, don´t forget to go to Porvoo, it’s not far and totally worth it as I wrote eheh can´t wait to return there 🙂 PedroL

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