Lisbon: One Week in my Hometown

Sallim – Deserto

After some months in Riga, I finally had some time to visit my relatives and my friends in Lisbon.

It´s always good to be back and feel the warm confort of home: listen your language; eat the traditional dishes you miss the most; even read local newspapers. (Actually, this chronicle starts with a song that I discovered after reading a report about the new portuguese music scene.)

I have to start to say that I went to my hometown in the right time: in June, during the festivities of the town, when Santo António, ‘patron of Lisbon’, is celebrated.

I spent more than 1 week in my country´s capital and had a great time. Lisbon is nowadays packed with tourists and the atmosphere is unique. Plus, summer has finally arrived and there are a lot of outdoor activities to do.

During these days, I had the chance to visit Cascais and Estoril [you can see the photo essay here], two villages in the coastline, where people go to get some sun and enjoy the ocean, walking the sidewalk that connects every beach.

In Lisbon, I went to some amazing viewpoints: São Pedro de Alcântara, Adamastor and Graça, where I met my friends to drink a beer and I heard some live music at the sunset.

Nevertheless, I visited Jardim Amália (on the top of Eduardo VII Park, where every year takes place Lisbon´s Book Fair) and walked from Marquês de Pombal do the downtown.

Thanks to the EuroCup, I also met some foreigners! In fact, Praça do Comércio has a huge screen to follow every match and it´s one of the many spots over the city where people gather to watch the games.

I like this area because you have many parks to relax in front of Tejo river. And you can do it with some fresh drink bought to the street sellers.

As someone who loves to walk, Lisbon is a perfect city for me, because – contrary to Riga – it has a lot of up and downs, as well as long avenues.

After such astonishing days in my hometown, my path will be walked in a new city. That´s right, I just moved to Nice, in the south of France, and from here I´ll blog in the next few months. Hope you all follow my new expat experience!


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15 responses to “Lisbon: One Week in my Hometown

    • Portugal has a lot of interesting things to visit 🙂 hope you have the chance to see it! if you need any help, let me know 🙂 about the Euro, it´s impressive because I never saw our national team playing so bad lol we used to play well but in this competition we haven´t done anything… I think this is the strategy 😉 PedroL

  1. I visited your beautiful city, but I did not have enough time to know it better. But it was a beautiful time, and I remain impressed …

    • then I hope you have the chance to return to Lisbon and see it taking all the time you need to appreciate it 🙂 if you need any tips, feel free to ask!! thanks PedroL

  2. I love Lisbon. I keep telling myself I must return there soon, but you know, other cities, other places keep cropping up and then there’s the expenses as well…………

    • I totally understand you, it happens the same with me… so many cities to return and so many others to discover first 🙂 happy travels! PedroL

  3. Portugal is high on my list of places to visit – even more so after reading this. Hopefully, once travel is a thing again, I’ll be able to plan a trip. I’ll definitely be checking your blog for suggestions of things to do!

    • great to know Donna, I’m sure you will have a wonderful time in Portugal 🙂 next January I will also start some walking tours in Lisbon, my hometown, feel free to join if you decide to come eheh wishing you a great day, regards, PedroL

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