Nice is nice #1: A New Expat Experience

It´s been more than a month that me and A. moved to Nice, Cote d’Azur´s capital, in the south of France. This period, so far, was good enough to experience many emotions.

Diverse, I must say: if we got extremely happy with the (unexpected) victory of Portugal at the UEFA Euro Cup, we were even more in shock with the tragic terrorist attack in our new home.

You are probably wonder, why do we choose to move to Nice right? Well, why not?… The truth is that our previous expat experience was in Riga, capital of Latvia and the baltic states, a beautiful city BUT with a peculiar weather.

To be honest, it was really hard for us to live there: last winter we felt the coldest days of our lives and the summer was not, in fact, what we expected.

However, by living in Riga, we had the chance to live an impactful expat experience. Plus, it was the perfect city to discover not only the Baltic countries, but also Russia and Denmark, Sweden and Finland, for example.

So, still in Riga, me and A. discussed a lot: where to go next? We wanted to go to a cultural city with warm weather but also where we could both easily get a well-paid job, so we could enjoy our days and, at the same time, save money for a future big trip.

On the other hand, we wanted a city located in a strategic position: a direct flight takes us in 2 hours to Lisbon; but also we are in a region full of interesting cities to discover, like Marseille or Milan, and not far from Morocco or the Balkans, for instance.

After one month, I must say that we picked the perfect city: we have already booked trips to amazing cities but we´ve also discovered this unique region.

In fact, the French riviera is full of attractions. Every weekend we´ve been in magic places, such as Villefranche Sur-Mer and Menton, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat and Antibes.

At the same time, I´m taking french lessons and developping my communication skills at Proust´s language. In Nice, this is quite easy: locals are very friendly and talkative, everywhere I go I have the chance to practice a bit.

So, feel free to follow our new expat experience, now in Nice and the Cote d’Azur region. À bientôt!


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16 responses to “Nice is nice #1: A New Expat Experience

    • it´s very pleasant and it´s always exciting to discover a new beach eheh let me know if you come 😉 thank you for your comment! PedroL

  1. Cool! It’s so colorful, seems like a city with a great vibe 🙂
    So sorry to hear that you were there when the horrible attack happened… It must have been an awful thing to experience 😦

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