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    • yeah, I believe it would be the best way to show the point for the ones who should act and defend everyone no matter the color of a skin! regards PedroL

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    • hi and thank you for commenting! maybe you don´t know but there were some racial incidents… and these students were protesting against it, as you can see in their tshirts ‘Black Lives Matter’ 🙂 about classes, I believe they are adult enough to ‘get out of class’ if they didn´t want to, don´t you think? regards PedroL

      • I don’t feel age always grants wisdom. ALL lives matter, by saying just Black lives matter insinuates that no one else does and creates a racial problem instead of helping.
        I, personally, don’t have a racial problem, so I don’t appreciate people trying to make me feel uneasy around my Black friends.

      • well, for me what is sad is to be in the 21st century, in this fascinating and fast developping world, and there are people suffering because of the color of their skin. all lives matter and it’s bitter when people have to wear tshirts (and do other kind of demonstrations) to show they were victims of prejudice. racism doesn’t make sense, we are all humans 🙂 regards PedroL

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