Nice is nice #2: Newspapers and Bookstores

Life is easy in Nice. In less than two months I found a job: I just finished my first month in a central-located hotel in the downtown of our new city.

In parallel, I keep on having french classes to improve my language skills. Which helps me to integrate more in french culture: now I can buy and read newspapers and, as time goes by, me and A. feel more and more confortable here.

Regarding the media, it is for me impressive the fact that Nice has a daily newspaper – Nice Matin -, which publishes a different magazine every friday, saturday and sunday.

In Portugal, a daily regional newspaper is, generally, a mirage. So, during the week, we buy Nice Matin on friday and Libération´s weekend edition on saturday.

Though our readings are not restrict to these newspapers: Stylist, a lifestyle magazine, and La Strada, a cultural newspaper, are other interesting resources for me to practice the language and to know the agenda, with the advantage that are free and easily found in the city center of Nice.

Another thing I really appreciate here are the local bookstores. And there are plenty of them: my favorite are Librairia Masséna and Librairie Jean Jaurès, both centrally located, cozy and with a painstaking selection of authors and books.

However, to be honest, I haven´t venture myself yet to read a book in french language. I believe I will be capable to do it in 3 or 4 months.

It´s not a problematic situation: as my birthday was last september, my parents came to visit me and A. and brought me enough books to intercalate with the newspapers and magazines.

Now it´s time to enjoy the warm weather and take a book and the newspaper to the beach or one of the amazing parks of our new city. Life is easy in Nice.


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9 responses to “Nice is nice #2: Newspapers and Bookstores

    • merci Marina 🙂 because my mother tongue is portuguese, french is not that hard eheh wish you a great week and thank you for commenting! PedroL

  1. How many languages do you know? Apart from Swedish I’m fairly fluent in English and I know some German. Struggling with Italiana 😊 I have never been in Nice except landing there on my way to northern Italy

    • thank for commenting! did you know that Nice was, in the past, part of Italy? 🙂 as you can imagine, it has influenced local language and architecture!
      I am fluent in portuguese (my mother tongue) and english. I can understand and speak quite well spanish and french. because I lived for some time in Skopje (Macedonia) I can speak basic macedonian and bulgarian as well as I can understand some serbo-croatian. and then I know basic russian, I can read cyrilic and say some basic sentences 😛 I think that´s all 😉
      good luck with your italian!! I think it´s a beautiful language 🙂 regards PedroL

  2. Nice sounds wonderful, and I love that you wrote about the newspapers and bookstores. Good luck learning French. I love that language, and know just tiny bits of it, but I do find studying a new language satisfying and stimulating, it does something good to my brain – for me it’s learning Italian. Look forward to learning more about Nice from your posts.

    • dear Valorie, thank you for commenting 🙂 to start would like to tell you that I really like your blog´s name, I also believe books can save a life! I love to read and bookstores and newspapers are part of my daily life, that´s why I wrote this chronicle. also, I notice how it is helping me to learn french language 🙂 regards! PedroL

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