Rigas Diena #17: The Definitive Guide of Riga

This expat experience made me and A. discover quite well Riga. During 9 months, we´ve found restaurants, bars and special places that made us feel at home in the latvian capital. If you´re wondering where to go in Riga?, in this article you´ll find some of our favorite places, spots we would recomment to everyone.

Mazā Kaņepe – Skolas iela 28 > Our favorite restaurant in Riga and, for sure, the one we went more frequently, thanks to the fresh food and cozy atmosphere. They offer tasty vegetarian food and prepare amazing latte. In the end we used to pay 10 euros… for two!
Lido Krievu Seta – Kengaraga iela 3 > Lido is a restaurant´s chain all over Riga (and Latvia). Food is ok and cheap but the highlight is the traditional ambiance. Our favorite was Lido Krievu Seta because they have a huge variety of russian dishes. It´s like a trip inside a trip.

MiiT – Lāčplēša iela 10 > MiiT is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant that, every weekend, offers a great quality brunch for 10 euros. The ambiance is cozy, unformal and international – in fact, we could bet MiiT as the most cosmopolitan place in Riga ahah
Index Cafe – Antonijas iela 12 > Our favorite brunch: for 12,50 euros you could eat all that you can imagine, from 10 am until 4 pm.

Coffee Inn > Every corner of Riga has a Coffee Inn: this chain offers relaxed and stylish cafeterias, with good prices, and can easily become your office, where you can work or get together for an unformal meeting.
Rocket Bean Roastery – Miera 29/31 > This cafeteria offers quality coffee and good food. The space is huge and perfect to work.
Kuuka Kafe – Grēcinieku iela 5 > Located in the city center, Kuuka serves great and inexpensive sandwiches.
Cabo cafe – Roberta Feldmaņa iela 8 > Far from the center, it is necessary to take tram #11 to reach this bar. Located on the coast of lake Ķīšezers, Cabo cafe is surrounded by nature and is a cool place to relax. Unfortunately, me and A. only discovered it in the last month of our stay in Riga.

Local Gems
Apsara – Krišjāņa Barona iela 2A > Apsara is a tea house in a wooden building that looks more like a tree house. During winter time is the best place to be: just take off your shoes and relax watching the snowfall in the frozen city channel.
Nice Place Mansards – Krišjāņa Barona iela 21 > This is a cozy design bookstore with a cafeteria. You can find a lot of local authors as well as some books in english. Decoration is a must, with postcards in the walls and books in the ceilings!
Muffins and More – Gertrudes iela 9 > Memorable muffins are made by this dutch and his team. This little pastry offers muffins of all imaginable flavors, so the hardest part is to decide which one to take. Me and A. truly miss this place.

Latgalīte – Firsa Sadovņikova iela 9a > Latgales is a must place to go: in this flea market is possible to find a lot of antiques from the soviet era. In our opinion, it´s a great place to visit, to experience the decayed ambiance but not so much to find something useful.
Central Market – Nēģu iela 7 > It´s one of the liveliest areas in Riga. There are hundreds of street sellers and in here you can find everything, from dried fish and local vegetables to traditional music and clothes.
Kalnciema Kvartāls – Kalnciema iela 35 > These renovated wooden buildings become a food and crafts market every weekend where it´s possible to find locals goods and enjoy an open air concert or an exhibition.

Yolo – Palasta iela 10 > Located in the Old Town, this colourful bar has an international vibe, thanks to the couchsurfing and tandem meetings. Locals, tourists and expats gather to exchange experiences and practice languages – it is the right place to practice the local idioms and order in latvian or russian language.
Sveiks, Šveik – Stabu iela, 23 > We used to call it Czech bar, thanks to the ammount of czech beers in the menu. It´s a cool place to watch some sports and also to try czech food.

To Go Out
Aristids – Aristida Briāna iela 7 > One of our favorite clubs, where we could listen some good electro and appreciate alternative bands. Unfortunately, it closed last October.
DAD Cafe – Miera iela 17 > This comfortable cafeteria looks like a living room, where guests can rest pleasantly and drink a coffee or a beer and see a concert from a local band.
Kaņepes Kultūras Centrs – Skolas iela 15 > In our opinion, this is the coolest and friendliest place in Riga. With a great cultural agenda, Kaņepes is (as the name says) a cultural center where we used to go for a concert or an exhibition, drink a beer or chat with locals.

Enjoy and let us know some other places to keep this guide updated!

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14 responses to “Rigas Diena #17: The Definitive Guide of Riga

  1. You did a great job in reviewing some of the places that are worth visiting when it comes to food and drink in Riga. However for a great many of those who live here all the time a trip to eat outside of the home is usually too expensive. For even the smallest amount of Euros we can purchase bread, milk and things that are needed day in and day out.

    • dear Rasma, paldies! thank you so much for your comment, I´m glad you find this post useful 🙂 I agree with you and I am aware about the dificulties some latvians may feel (as everywhere in the world) but in this article I tried to show my personal experience as expat in Riga and contribute for future travellers and expats (and even locals) if they don´t know a cool place to go 🙂 wish you a great week! regards! PedroL

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