On the Road: Interrail, An Unforgetable Experience

Me entering in the train in Lisbon, Zagreb and the Berlin wall

2016 marks 10 years I made the interrail. A decade has passed since I made my first big trip, one of the most memorable.

Travel through Europe by train turned out to be the perfect way to discover the ‘old continent’ and since then this mean of transport became my favorite (even if today I travel more by plane, because it´s cheaper and doesn´t require so much time – if I save time on the displacement, I can enjoy the destiny for longer).

In Lisbon, my hometown, I embarked in a one-month adventure that took me to more than a dozen of cities, like Edinburgh; Paris; Florence; Amsterdam; Innsbruck; Pula; etc.

A journey that made me discover the diversity and richness of Europe but also made me connect with other travellers, admiring maps, sharing stories. And the exchange of tips, obviously.

Ljubljana, Madrid and Rome

Prague, Neuschwenstein castle, Pula

10 years ago internet was not so present and travellers were the most reliabe source on the road: to know the best hostel and the coolest bar, an unknown city that should not be missed and even the timetable of a train in particular.

Another memory I have from my interrail is the feeling of freedom: I could decide where to go and how long I wanted to stay there…

What about the feeling of discovery? It is amazing to embark one night in a city and wake up in the next day in another. As naturally I am a morning person, it was the perfect time to start to discover a new destination.

Nowadays, I´m glad to look back and remember my interrail. I made it 10 years ago but it is an experience that lasts forever.

p.s: Sometimes I dream about doing another interrail, reporting it here, day by day, city by city. It would be amazing! But for now is just a dream…

Innsbruck, Edinburgh, Budapest


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14 responses to “On the Road: Interrail, An Unforgetable Experience

  1. Yes it used to be quite a feat to travel across Europe. Today with social media, you find out where and what to do in each and every neighbourhood of every European city!

    • thanks Gunnar 🙂 yeah, I had a lot of fun recording my adventure seeing all the photos taken and now it made 10 years I just had to write an article 🙂 cheers PedroL

  2. Your articles always awake in me the desire to travel 🙂 I never did the inter-rail but now that I read your post I really want to… I hope you have the chance to do it again, so I can follow it here, through your amazing photos and words!

    • your words are like a motivation Alex 🙂 thanks and let’s hope I have the chance to repeat the Inter Rail and share this experience with all the readers here in my page 🙂 regards PedroL

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