49 responses to “photo essay #68: Xian, China

    • thank you for commenting and sorry for my late in answering back! Xian is a very traditionnal chinese city, very interesting to visit 🙂 cheers PedroL

    • 🙂 thank you so much for commentinng!! I can imagine how it has changed in the last 30 years… now that I follow you, I hope I will have the chance to read your article about those changes 🙂 best regards! PedroL

  1. Great pictures. Wasn’t able to go to Xian while we were in China but loved Beijing and Kunming.

  2. I am unable to travel as I am confined to my bed and homebound. These stunning photos took me on a magical journey. Thank you for that.

    • É uma bela cidade para se visitar… é grande cm a maioria das cidades da China e como tem influência de várias religiões tem uma arquitectura bem rica. Obrigado pelo comentário Miguel, abraço PedroL

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