photo essay #69: Vilnius I, Lithuania

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30 responses to “photo essay #69: Vilnius I, Lithuania

  1. Beautiful photos, and what a nice shot! It is as if we are being in a peaceful place surrounded by golden leaves and emerald lawns, and through your camera lens, being able to appreciate such subtle beauty of the environment. Thanks for sharing with us!

    • I´m really happy to read your words 🙂 it´s impressive because Vilnius is not a huge city but has everything: not only is urban but also has is covered by trees and a beautiful forest!!! it inspire me to take a lot of photos!! cheers, wish you a great week! PedroL

      • I believe Vilnius must be endowed by government’s good city planning and natural preservation that enables people to embrace such refreshing environment just in their own city without travelling far. No wonder it sparks your inspiration to this blog post. Wishing you a pleasant day too. ☺

  2. These photos remind me of Tallinn, which I loved! Now I must add Lithuania to my ever-growing list of countries to visit, too.

    • you should Samantha!!! I know both cities but they are truly different… but, of course, Tallin and Vilnius deserve a visit 🙂 let me know your impressions once you get there! cheers PedroL

      • First up is Lapland, though. Finnish Lapland. And the huskies. It’s been on top of my list for too long now 🙂 But after that… It’s all open, haha.
        Btw, have you ever tried Vana Tallinn, the drink?

      • Yes, Vana is 40%, but it’s very good. Keeps you warm in the colder countries, haha. Any countries on your wishlist to (re-)visit?

      • eheh so many, it’s even hard to pick just a few… but next year I’m planning some new expat experiences far from Europe ahah what about you Samantha? PedroL

      • I’m already looking forward to your photos of all those places 🙂
        I have my heart set on Finland for now. Iceland is a country I’d like to visit again, and I fear I have some severe saving up to do for New Zealand, which is probably not going to happen for another few years.

      • I had such a good time in Iceland that I definitely want to return 🙂 Finland is a strategic position for you to discover all the nordic and baltic countries as well as Russia eheh

      • Russia! How could I forget: Moscow is also on my list. Darn, my list only keeps growing, lol.

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