2016 In Review: Most Remarkable Trips

2016 was a plentiful year in terms of travels. In fact, it was so far the year that made me accomplish many of the trips I had in my bucket list: not only I had the chance to visit more countries and cities than ever but also to live two expat experiences.

As my regular readers know, from October’15 until June’16 I lived in Riga. My girlfriend had the chance to work in the capital of Latvia and our motivation took us there, an unknown country for both of us but, as we predicted, an open door to other countries.

In fact, thanks to this expat experience we had the chance to discover the Baltic and the Nordic countries. But also Russia, one of the items in our so-called bucket list.

For someone who grew up reading Russian literature and learning the language, a visit to Saint Petersburg and Moscow was a dream come true! And it didn’t disappointed.

Being challenged by latvian weather and discovering russian charms

In Saint Petersburg I had the chance to follow the steps of some of my favorite authors, like Gogol and Dostoievski, roaming for real in the streets that I had roamed by fiction some years before.

Moscow was more than a surprise. Instead of a industrial city, I found a splendorous and bright city, with pleasant parks and amazing orthodox churches to discover.

Another dream come true was our trip to Reykjavik. Thanks to the second expat experience, now in Nice, south of France, we went to the Icelandic treasure for a bargain.

Reykjavik is a small city but can be also seen as a big village. Cozy, green and young, Reykjavik was a great surprise: we could walk everywhere and appreciate the local street art, as well as relax in a park or went to a live show.

In Iceland we could notice how culture is significant. I can assure you, in Reykjavik it seems every street has a records shop and a library.

Being surprised by the colours of Cinque Terre and Reykjavik

Plus, nature is so present everywhere that I felt constantly surprised: lakes and trees, sea and mountains are an invitation to contemplate. A good example was our visit to the Blue Lagoon: pure nature.

Last but not least, another trip that marked this year was Cinque Terre! How couldn’t right? Cinque Terre is one of the most iconic places I’ve ever been to.

Wish we had more time to discover each village more deeply, one day only made us realize that we will definitely return there someday.

Maybe next year. I don’t know yet… To be honest, I believe 2017 will bring to me and my girlfriend different destinatons, hopefully even more exotic. If possible, we are looking for some new expat challenges. We will see and let you know here, our unique stable address.

p.s: what about you, what were the destinations that surprised you the most in 2016? And what are your travel plans for 2017?


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48 responses to “2016 In Review: Most Remarkable Trips

  1. It’s wonderful that you visited so many nice places. I would like to visit Russia sometime but it’s a cold place these days
    I have heard a lot about Cinque Terre. As you know we mostly travel to Italy nowadays. We plan to go there in May but we have not decided which places yet

  2. What a charmed year of travel and living experiences you have had. Great review! St. Petersburg is high on my list, but first it’s off to Cambodia and Laos in January. Best wishes and happy travels to you in 2017!

    • dear Caroline, wish you a great trip to Camodia and Laos 🙂 in 2017 I hope I can materialize trips to destinations like those, we´ll see if I manage!! PedroL

  3. I am still a little jealous of your travels. And pictures, haha.
    I only had one trip planned in 2016, which was to the western part of Canada. It was worth every penny, and as an extra bonus I gained some friends who live all over my country, so I guess I keep on travellig within the Netherlands :p
    I still really wish to visit Finland but I am not sure it’s in the stars for me right now. But we’ll see. 2017 has yet to start 🙂

  4. Glad that you had such amazing trips this year and how beautiful the photos you have captured. Hoping to read more of your journeys and best wishes in this holiday!

  5. I envy you! Visiting the villages of the Cinque Terre is a dream of mine. But with two kids in private schools it will have to wait. Happy holidays to you and yours!

    • gostava de lá voltar no verão e se possível passar uns 3 meses a descobrir toda a ilha 😉 obrigado pela visita e por comentares! abraço PedroL

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