Nice is nice #3: Christmas in Nice

Christmas has arrived in Nice! Suddenly we are in christmas, I just noticed one of these days walking in the city center of Nice: trees are covered in lights, a giant wheel lies close to the promenade and there´s a statue that turned into Santa Claus (you can see in the video above).

Nice became cozier but, to be honest, this party atmosphere makes me feel kind of strange: it´s not because of the warm temperatures (12º in December is amazing!!!), but because it will be the first year I wouldn’t be spending christmas together with my relatives.

I will be accompanied – really well accompanied – with my girlfriend, but not in Lisbon. In recent years, I worked in a hostel in my hometown, doing the night shifts.

Due to this, I spent some christmas with foreigners (I know it sounds bizarre), but I always had the chance to spend the christmas day with my relatives. This year it will be different, I´ll be working again, however in Nice… a bit far from Lisbon.

I wouldn´t have the chance to be with my relatives and friends for now, but we already booked our tickets for January! Until then, I will enjoy my christmas in Nice, together with my girlfriend and this summer vibe so typical in the city that host us.

p.s: ‘Home Alone’ is playing one of these nights on french television… Merry christmas to all!!!!

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22 responses to “Nice is nice #3: Christmas in Nice

  1. Love seeing all those lights in the darkest days of the year. I’ve not been that far south in France, but hoping to take a trip via Nice when we head to Spain on the bikes. Looks very pretty. Have a good holiday, Pedro.

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