photo essay #72: Edinburgh, Scotland

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23 responses to “photo essay #72: Edinburgh, Scotland

    • em suma, é uma bela cidade 🙂 eu quando visitei Edimburgo achei a cidade bastante teatral, em todo o lado parecia haver um palco, gostei bastante! espero um dia voltar visto que estas fotos ja têm, à vontade, uns 10 anos… boa semana Mia! PedroL

      • In fact I haven’t, which is silly because I could totally just take the train there haha! Yes a sunny day in Scotland is almost unheard of 😉

  1. I find it incredible the detail and attention to differences paid in years gone by. Ron was a contractor and we remodeled the insides of many office buildings. Yet no one wanted to spend for a few extra touches. When Ron would do a house he had to fight the homeowner to get the basics required by law. I hate these simple box dwellings. I so love these photos as it is a time when people understood the need for individuality and for originality. Hugs

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