19 responses to “photo essay #74: Madrid street art, Spain

    • almost all of them are graffiti, however there are 3 collages and those crochet pins eheh sorry for taking so long to answer you back! wish you a great weekend Gunnar! PedroL

    • Hola y gracias por el comentario 🙂 si, algunas de las fotos han sido tomadas en Lavapies 🙂 es un barrio muy interesante y alternativo de Madrid jaja de onde soys?? Saludos de Portugal, PedroL

      • I’m so sorry, I thought you were from Spain that’s why I spoke to you in Spanish- my apologies!!! (in your blog, I thought you were writing in Gallego, not Portuguese oops!). I’m from Australia but currently living in Madrid for a short period. Lavapies is indeed my favourite barrio here 😀 I love Portugal too- hoping to return there once the quarantine is over. Hope you’re doing well there! Um abraço!

      • ahah don’t worry about that, here in Portugal we understand quite well Spanish… if you read both languages share the most of the words 🙂 in fact, in the north of Portugal and Galicia region they share the language, they speak this mix of portuguese and Spanish, something that came from galaico-portugues, it’s amazing right?? 🙂 so amazing to be from Australia… It must be truly different your native country to Spain, right?? All the best, abraço PedroL

      • ahah and have you been in Portugal?? I think spanish people are more chill and party but in Portugal we know how to welcome people 🙂 PedroL

      • I have been to Portugal in Porto, Lisboa and Sintra. Next, I’d love to go to Evora and Coimbra. I actually have friends in Portgual- I met them here in Spain in a hostel. They are from Lisboa and are awesome people 🙂 (I’ve been very fortunate to experience Portuguese hospitality first hand 😀 )

      • ahah I’m sure you had already a nice image of Portugal thanks to the people you met 🙂 I am from Lisbon but lived the last year inbetween Berlin and Warsaw, Kiev and Porto ahah now i’m back to Lisbon and thinking how will i manage to travel again… anyway, I’m really happy you had the chance to discover such amazing cities 🙂 Evora is truly amazing, Coimbra is nice, you should also check Aveiro, Guimarães and Cascais eheh feel free to message me here or add me on instagram and if you need more tips don´t hesitate to write me 🙂 que tengas una buena semana, saludos, PedroL

    • Thank you so much Ana 🙂 I also love street art and in Madrid there’s a lot to discover eheh have a great day, PedroL

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