On the Road: Three Days in Bordeaux

Bordeaux was my first destination of 2017. The wine mecca is my girlfriend’s hometown and we went there to do a break from Nice, enjoying the city for a prolonged weekend.

As we arrived in Bordeaux the city reminded me of Paris, however in a tiny version of the french capital. Bordeaux has its own charm, thanks to the gothic cathedrals – that create a unique skyline, you can confirm with my photos! – and the local architecture.

In fact, A. told me that in the last decade there was a renovation of the buildings in the city center and an investment in local public transportation, which contributed to the opening of new trendy places and the arriving of people, specially youngsters.

In Bordeaux I felt the buzz of creative towns and understood why the city was elected one of the ten cities to visit this year by Lonely Planet.

Everywhere I found recently opened restaurants offering food from all over the world: the hardest was to decide whether to try the one specialized in food from Benim or the other dedicated to the chinese dumplings.

Another positive point about Bordeaux are the bookstores. Everywhere I found cozy and spacious spots, some offering a selection of good literature, others totally dedicated to comics. And it´s impressive the ammount of comic bookstores in Bordeaux!!

On our last day, we also had the chance to discover Darwin, right on the ‘other-side’ of Bordeaux. Darwin is a new alternative hub, a fancy area dedicated to the promotion of sustainability where are located companies that work on creativity industries.

Among the warehouses of a former military barracks, it´s possible to find a coworking space and caffetarias, shops and skate ramps. Nevertheless, Darwin has its own cultural agenda, with live music performances and street art exhibitions.

After Darwin, on our way back to Bordeaux, we were surprised by a beautiful sunset. Perhaps the city wanted us to remember it forever. And succeeded!! Can’t wait to return to Bordeaux and enjoy the city in a longer stay.


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12 responses to “On the Road: Three Days in Bordeaux

  1. I lived in Bordeaux for 10 years, it’s a fantastic city, and also has amazing beaches and spectacular vineyards right on its doorstep. Definitely a place worth spending some time in.

    • thanks for commenting and sorry for my late reply! this time I didn´t have the chance to discover the beaches, but hopefully I will do it in the future eheh I really enjoyed the city 🙂 wish you a great week! PedroL

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