On the Road: Lisbon, Back Home for the Weekend

Benjamim – O Sangue

I just landed in Lisbon!! That’s right, as I scheduled this post for the arrival time of our plane in Lisbon, now that it is publised it means I just landed in my hometown! Welcome home PedroL!

After me and A. went to visit her relatives in Bordeaux, we flew this morning from Nice to Lisbon, to have an extended weekend in the city where we met. That’s one of the advantages about living in Nice: from the city we are now working we have several daily flights home.

Even if you haven’t lived abroad, I’m sure you understand how important is to go back. It will be our chance to say personally ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Wish you a great new year’ to our family and friends.

Belém districtand the Castle of Lisbon

Plus, this saturday it will be my mother’s birthday! With my friends, it will be the chance to meet them all, drink some beers, hang out enjoying Lisbon’s night scene and perhaps watch our beloved team – Benfica – football game!

Me and A., of course, have planned some activities: as we are missing portuguese food and pastries, we will look for a place to eat fish and drink some meia-de-leite (portuguese latte) with Pastéis de Belém.

Therefore, our idea is to visit Belém district and experience, for the first time, MAAT – the newly opened Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology.

Also, we are planning to take some photos in LX Factory, a complex dedicated to the creative industries, where is possible to find some street art and one of the most beautiful and unique bookstores of Lisbon – Ler Devagar.

Me, the smuggler, and some books I read in the past two months

For me it will be also the chance to smuggle some books! Ahah, please let me explain: as in Nice I can’t find any books in portuguese language, every time someone comes to visit us or I went to Lisbon I take the books I just read and get new ones…

So, don’t worry, the only problem will be a heavy backpack: today I’ll be landing in Lisbon with 8 books, the ones I read since last November.

Let’s hope I find another interesting harvest to keep me entertained for the next few months… before I get back! Feel free to keep up with our trip to Lisbon in PedroL’s Instagram.


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21 responses to “On the Road: Lisbon, Back Home for the Weekend

    • sorry for my late in replying your comment… Lisbon is a fantastic city 🙂 I was born in the begining of 80´s so I don´t have an idea about the 70´s, how was your life in Lisbon during that time?? best regards PedroL

  1. Nice!!! Hope you have a great time in Portugal, hope I get there some day. Why don’t you use an e-reader? You travel light with a whole library in your pocket.

  2. There are a fair amount of Portuguese descendants in New England. I lived in a Portuguese part of Cambridge long enough to get addicted to bread and sausage. Enjoy being home.

    • eu sou suspeito, mas sim Lisboa é muito bonita eheh tens de visitar, tenho a certeza que vais gostar 🙂 obrigado pelo comentário! PedroL

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