food for though #1

New year, new rubric! With the start of the new year, I had the idea to publish every month an article focused on my readings, so I can share my impressions and reviews about the books I read. The idea ‘Food for Thought’ represents it well: what more than a book provides mental stimulus for our intellect? So let’s start! In January I would like to highlight three different books:

The Girls – Emma Cline What surprised me the most in the first novel signed by this american writer is the fact she’s so young and writes so well!

In fact, the story of ‘The Girls’ is not the most important – the main character, Evie, is nowadays fighting with the memories of a crime made by a group she belonged when she was young, in a story that resembles of the Charles Manson cult -.

In my opinion this novel stands out thanks to Cline’s hability to write: she writes with such intensity, maturity and creativity that is hard to believe she’s not even 30 years old. I would recommend this book for sure!

Homens Imprudentemente Poéticos – Valter Hugo Mãe In my opinion, Valter Hugo Mãe is, nowadays, one of the best portuguese writers. Valter Hugo Mãe has the capacity to write peculiar stories and, most significantly, with unique and unforgetable characters.

Set in Japan, the most recent Mãe’s novel presents two mens in fight – with each other and with themselves -, to prove their love to their families and their dignity to the others.

The result was below my expectations. In fact, Mãe signed before – specially in ‘O Remorso de Baltazar Serapião’ -, stories much more fresh and original. Nowadays, unfortunately, I feel a bit bored when I read Valter Hugo Mãe.

Still, is an author I would recommend to everyone, specially his first novels but also his rich poetry!

1Q84, Book 1 – Haruki Murakami 1Q84 is a trilogy and one of the most recommended Murakami’s novels. The japanese author is (as you probably know) one of my favorites and, although I’m still in the first book of the trilogy, so far it confirms already my expectations.

The two main characters are typical’s Murakami: bizarre and mysterious, they both live a serie of strange and unexpected events in the year of 1984 in a dystopian Tokyo.

In my opinion, Murakami is a great writer because he exponentiate reader’s mind, taking to awkward and uncomfortable places. The only certainty about Murakami is the guarantee to embark into the uncertain. And that’s what I look when I read a book!


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