From Riga to Nice, what changed in one year

One year ago I was living in Riga. As I wrote previously, to live in Latvia was a huge challenge, not only for me but also for my girlfriend. We moved there because A. got a job offer and we thought that it would be a good chance for us to discover the Latvian culture but also the surrounding countries. And we were right…

We just didn’t know how hard it would be for me to find a work.
As we arrived in Riga in October’15, I spent the following months looking for opportunities everywhere: hostels and supermarkets; newspapers and call centers.

Latvian National Opera in Riga, in autumn and in winter

The truth is, 5 months later I was still unemployed and at home, bored and depressed as I couldn’t even go outside thanks to the harsh winter: short days and negative temperatures, the coldest weather I ever faced.

At this time I decided to dedicate my time to this blog, trying to write interesting articles and learn how to use all these social media networks (by the way, feel free to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

In parallel, I started some MOOCs. For those who don’t know, a MOOC is basically a free online course offered by universities from all around the world.

There are plenty of courses, for every subject you can imagine! As you imagine, it kept me occupied but, to be honest, I felt I was loosing time in Riga. At that time, I was about to give up and return to Lisbon…

Suddenly, in February, exactly one year ago, I found a job in an international company dedicated to the educational area. Although the tasks were repetitive and the work was during the night (because the clients were mainly from the USA), this job was a relief: I felt useful again and thanks to it I didn’t left my girlfriend alone in Riga.

Nice: central beach and statue in Massena

Nowadays I wonder what would have happened if I had quit Latvia last February. Would I ever came to Nice? Now I’m living in this french city and all is going well: with ease, I found a job in the second month I arrived.

I know, however, I wouldn’t stay here forever, but at least I will take the best of Nice. I can’t say where I’m going next but I can assure you one thing: in a year you can still read me in my blog, the only fixed adress I have.

In fact, thanks to my actual job, I can dedicate time to blogging and the results are emerging: in January my blog overpassed the 12 thousand visits. Thank you all, including Riga, the city where I had the chance to focus and create the foundations of World Wide PedroL.


Over the last years I’ve managed and developed this blog as a meeting point to connect travelers and bloggers, writers and photographers, you and me.

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25 responses to “From Riga to Nice, what changed in one year

  1. I like this. I have a bolt hole/sudio in London but in fact my blog for the past nine years has been my one consistent point – including other social media. I travel a lot and have learned that when I let go of pre-conceived notions and literally ‘follow my bliss’ all sorts of wonderful places and people come into my life…and it sounds like you are doing the same. Bravo…janet:)

    • thank you so much 🙂 that´s right, I will keep always writing and travelling, there´s something truly important for me! cheers PedroL

  2. Nice and the surrounding areas were great when my wife and I visited there! Loved the environment, but she’s the one who speaks French so I didn’t get to chat with many locals. No one seemed to want to talk to me! Best of luck to you!

    • in general I have a great impressions from the locals of Nice, people are very friendly and it´s easy to chat with them… but of course, it´s necessary a common language eheh I´m still working in my french and it helps me a lot to talk with people in the streets 🙂 thanks for commenting Jordan, regards PedroL

  3. Wow, I think you are brave and happy for your strength to not give up.
    I left Sweden/Denmark for a new life in Spain … some days I feel it so hard, just have been here in Marbella for four weeks. But I’m happy that I took this step. 😀

    • thanks for commenting! I´m sure you´ll have a great time in Marbella, at least the weather helps, you can go out anytime you need eheh 🙂 cheers and good luck in Spain! PedroL

    • 🙂 I hope so, that’s what I like the most, being motivated to create new things and have new ideas 🙂 thanks for commenting! PedroL

  4. em Português para um português que mostra a fibra de que alguns são feitos: resiliência e a inteligência usadas para coisas úteis. quanto ao blog, está de parabéns. descobri-o quando fui “apanhada” nas malhas deste mundo lá no Báltico sediado.parabéns e continuação de bom trabalho.

    • obrigado Mia, fico muito contente por me seguires, vamos aprendendo um com o outro 🙂 abraço e bom fim de semana, longe dos berbequins, claro está! PedroL

  5. ora pois, longe dos berbequins, senão como é que aqui tinha chegado a este silêncio fotográfico e textual comparativo? a este antes e depois? a esta prova de que, andando devagar, se chega ao longe? preciso de fazer um post referente ao que de bom tenho encontrado no wordpress. hoje fiz referência a vizinhos do blogger.
    um abraço, PedroL.
    bom fim de semana.

    • concordo 😛 tenho a certeza que foi um gesto de diplomacia com a malta do blogger que ainda não descobriu as maravilhas do wordpress ahah 🙂 PedroL

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