26 responses to “photo essay #78: Ikseon Dong, Seoul, South Korea

  1. The cat and the fish made me smile. The perspectives in your photographs are incredible! And is that a Frisbee in the photo with the green and beige tiles?

    • I also loved the details I found in this neighboorhood of Seoul 🙂 in fact, I’m not sure wheter it’s the cover of a plastic box or a a frisbee eheh cheers PedroL

    • they are truly awesome 🙂 also there’s some local shops and design cafes, it’s a nice stop if you’re planning to visit Seoul because it’s much calmer and traditional than the city itself 🙂 PedroL

  2. I just checked out your blog because I got a notice you are following mine. You are an amazing photographer, Pedrol! I was in Seoul and took photos, but none like this! They are inspiring. I love especially your color and composition, for instance, just the abstract writing.

    • I´m so happy to read your message, thank you for such kind words 🙂 that´s why I blog, to keep this interaction with people from all over the world 🙂 please, feel free to follow me in wordpress and instagram 🙂 have a great week, PedroL

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