haiku #51: cuidado

os ramos tremem
com medo do vento
bandeiras de paz
os ossos racham
como cristais d´inverno
luz d’ofuscar
ramos e ossos
são apenas disfarce
sob corpo letal

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6 responses to “haiku #51: cuidado

    • yeah, in fact it’s not the tree but its branches and it has double meaning: by one side they tremble because it’s windy but in fact they are affraid of the wind 😉 PedroL

  1. By the way, with all my international readers, I have decided I will try to read books from everywhere someone who reads my blog lives. Do you have a Portuguese (in English translation)book to recommend? Poetry loses too much unless you know a superb translator. Even then, I think it’s a poor substitute. So a novel, I think.

    • well, well, well, that’s such a great idea 🙂 Portugal has a lot of good authors but specially great poetry 🙂 if you want novels, I would recommend ‘The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis’ of Jose Saramago (my favorite author and Nobel prize winner, so far the only portuguese), about poetry you should definitely read Fernando Pessoa, not only his poetry but about his life, he was a very peculiar person 😛 let me know if you find something about Pessoa, he’s very loved and read in Portugal 🙂 PedroL

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