Bishkek: three days in the city of contrasts

18 months ago I went to Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyzstan, and now would like to invite you to re-read my travel chronicle, enjoy!

P e d r o L

We arrived late in Bishkek [you can see the photo report here]. Or maybe it was too early. A few minutes after 4 am, to be precise. Having it in mind, we asked our hostel to provide us a taxi to drives us safely home.

We had a taxi waiting for us but, by contrast, there was no hostel at all. We arrived in a dirty old house, empty of travellers with one weird guy waiting for us.

In less than 2 hours, me and A. finally found a new place to stay. It wasn´t easy at all. Although Bishkek has some hostels, we didn´t have internet connection, so we stopped in the first hotel we found. As you can imagine, Bishkek is not the most touristic travel destination. And so it reflects in the hospitality industry.

However, kyrgyz capital is one of the most interesting places to…

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