Nice is nice #4: Carnival in Nice

In the hotel I work the walls are covered with old pictures of Nice, reflecting some of the highlights of Cote d’Azur’s capital: the beach; the casino; the celebrities.

However, my favorite photos are the ones dedicated to the Carnival. In these photos, dated from the beginning of 1900’s, some giant figures stand out from a huge crowd of people in the city center of Nice.

Every time I see these photos it reminds me of Jonathan Swift’s novel ‘Gulliver’s Travels’, a book that always surprise me for its surreal world. Having the chance to attend Nice Carnival was a great surprise!! [You can see the photo essay here]

This event is one of the oldest and most important in the world and I understood why: during the day there are the famous ‘flower battles’ and at night the program includes a colorful parade of illuminated floats in a festive ambiance.

The party is ensured by hundreds of acrobats and musicians from all around the world in a truly special and unique spectacle. Nice Carnival goes until next weekend. If you have the chance you should come to watch and live it by yourself.

Even if you can´t find Gulliver you´ll meet the King of Energy, the monarch that rules Nice these days.

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11 responses to “Nice is nice #4: Carnival in Nice

  1. I love Gulliver’s Tales! Every summer the carnival of cultures in my town with this Gulliver people. Aren’t they? The carnevalists? Surreal and dreamy
    Thank you for the awsome pics ✨

  2. I’ve lived near Nice for 12 years but never been tempted to watch the Carnival. Maybe I should change that next year.

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