14 responses to “window #1388

    • Really??? If you have the chance try to check the news from other countries, probably you’ll see more news about the US πŸ™‚ wish you a great new week!! PedroL

      • It’s hard to even keep up with the honest reporting here rebutting all the fake news. However, we do read the British Economist magazine which helps.

      • hope you are able to find some ‘alternative’ sources because it seems to me your media are being manipulated… with Internet it will be easy πŸ˜‰ PedroL

  1. They have been prohibited from continuing to protest on their land, about the pipeline being built on their land. So they went to Washington to protest there. Their land is sacred, and the pipeline has the potential to leak and poison their water. Thanks for sharing this Pedrol.

      • Our treatment of our Native Americans has always been very bad. Now these groups have to fight their own government for the rights we gave them years ago: the rights to their land, to do as they wish with it. There was violence in North Dakota as the government tried to go forward with the pipeline while they resisted. Finally they were all removed. It’s a very sad situation, with peoples’ lives being sent into chaos. Water is life is one of their most closely held values, and their land and their water is now in question.

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