PortoCartoon: Make Tourism, Not Wars

PortoCartoon is one of my favorite cartoon events and every year I try to follow the entries presented at the festival.

This year, the winning works are truly interesting and are a masterful portrait of today’s society: with ‘Sustainable Tourism’, Luc Vernimmen was distinguished with the 1st prize of PortoCartoon with an unique criticism of the morbid tourism caused by the war in Syrian.

Another interesting work was signed by Ángel Boligán (3rd prize), with an illustration of the ‘famous’ Trump´s wall represented as a guillotine.

Because the podium has 3 prizes, here is also the 2nd prize work: ‘Sunbathing in the Beach’, by Jitet Kustana.

7 responses to “PortoCartoon: Make Tourism, Not Wars

    • totally agree, that´s why I wanted to share these illustration works! thanks for commenting Nicole 🙂 wish you a great weekend! PedroL

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