Vrroooom vrroooom welcome to Monaco

I don’t drive. I never took driving lessons. It is a peculiar situation, since I´ve been in so many places, from Chernobyl in Ukraine to Ushuaia, southernmost city in the world.

When I was a kid I thought I would drive very well, perhaps I would become a racing driver, since I used to dedicate my days to play racing games on the computer.

In fact, in the early 90´s, though Internet was still far from me I was already at the pole position in every Formula 1 race, I became the absolute number 1 at the World Rally Championship and I established an unbeatable world record at the Daytona International Speedway. And I made it all with no driving lessons or Internet.

Last week I went to Monaco and I found myself remembering those days. Those early 90´s days when I used to speed out of control through the most iconic racing circuit: crossing buildings and passing the tunnel, turning to the Mediterranean sea and being awarded with the winning prize by the Prince.

During my recent trip to Monaco I didn´t have the chance to greet (once again) the Prince but, together with my girlfriend, I discovered the Palace and the old town in the hill of this city-state.

We walked to the Monte-Carlo casino and admired the local beach, so clean and peaceful. We were pleasantly surprised how gardens and public spaces are so carefully cared.

Everywhere around Monaco there are colorful flowers and gardens. One must-stop is the Japanese garden, in a few steps we felt back to the country of the rising sun.

In Monaco you can walk and discover all the city-state. You don’t need to drive but some racing skills may help you to not get lost. So, before you go, practice a bit in your computer and try to beat my record in the circuit: 1 minute and 8 seconds.

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17 responses to “Vrroooom vrroooom welcome to Monaco

  1. You would be in real trouble in most of the U.S. without ability to drive. Our public transportation system is dreadfully underfunded and undervalued.

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