Bordeaux: Wine Tour and Cosmopolitan Vibe

After two weeks in my hometown (Lisbon), me and A. are back to France. More precisely to the beautiful city of Bordeaux. These days have been amazing and we were lucky enough to be invited by the local tourism board for a Wine Tour (merci!!!!). 

Bordeaux Tourism Board offers daily Wine Tours and we had the chance to visit ‘Entre Deux Mers’ (Between Two Seas) region. Thanks to it we discovered two wine producers: ‘Château du Cros’ and ‘Château de Castelnau’.

It was an amazing experience: we visited the wine cellars, learned about how both companies produce their products and, most important, we had the chance to taste the wines: the sweet ones made by ‘Château du Cros’ and the familiar but innovative signed by ‘Château de Castelnau’.
Back to the city center, there’s plenty to see, from architecture to street art. These days we just realized how Bordeaux is such a complete city: you can feel its cosmopolitan vibe by roaming around the pedestrian ‘Sainte Catherine street’, and discover little streets full of alternative shops and restaurants with cuisine from all over the world; and then in the end of the day it’s amazing to relax with a walk in the quay and cross the river at the iconic ‘Stone Bridge’.

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