Insta #34

Welcome to Trieste

We are in transit! That’s right, with the end of our working contracts in Nice (au revoir Côte d’Azur!) and so many amazing places to discover, me and A. decided to pack our bags and head to Asia. Why Asia? Well, we always wanted to spend some time there (I mean, some months) and, in fact, we found really cheap flights to Singapore. And so we’re on the way: after Bordeaux, we came some days to Trieste just before Zagreb and our bargain to Singapore 🙂

As you have noticed, my posts have changed a bit: I don’t have many quotes to share but I’ll keep posting the best photos taken during our journey. As I wrote previously, we are discovering Trieste, in Italy. It has been interesting, but maybe our expectations were too high, compared to what we’ve found. Trieste is ok but we were expecting something bigger and with more interesting spots to see. Anyway, some of our favorite places will be posts these days: enjoy and keep on travelling with us!

7 responses to “Insta #34

    • Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan for the next 3 months 😉 I have many readers from Taiwan eheh if they’re reading it maybe they will contact me and invite me for a coffee ahah PedroL

  1. Trieste, acho a cidade deprimente, não me deu vontade de ficar tem um mar fabuloso à porta, mas ficou-lhe um travo amargo de outras épocas. felicidades para os novos planos.

    • Obrigada Mia! Tal’como escrevi, também não gostamos, esperávamos algo mais interessante e o tempo não ajudou… ao passarmos depois em Rijeka, a caminho de Zagreb, ficámos com pena de não ter ido directamente para lá… boa semana! PedroL

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