Singapore: and the Adventure Begins

We finally arrived in Singapore! Almost 24 hours after our departure from Zagreb and 2 transfers, one in London and another in Kuala Lumpur, we arrived well and excited in Singapore.

Singapore’s airport is one of the most used in the world but also one of the best. It is very well connected to the city center and we easily arrived in our hotel. Located in Bugis area, our hotel is in a traditional street, just in front of one of the biggest mosques of Singapore.

As we were exhausted from the trip, and because we checked in after 10pm, we only had time for a small walk to discover the area. Luckily, we found a great place to dinner – Zam Zam, where we tried (for the first time) some indian specialities like Chicken Biryani and Martabak, a delicious (and unforgetable) pancake with chicken.

We just noticed how locals are used to spicy food – we were recommended these dishes after asking no spicy food and in the end our mouths were burning ahah however, the food was great and our hearts were warm for the first night and first impressions in Singapore.

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39 responses to “Singapore: and the Adventure Begins

  1. Oh dear! I can’t handle spicy food at all!! I’d starve over there! LoL.

    Enjoy your journey. I look forward to reading about it and seeing thr beautiful sights!!

    • Thanks Nurul 😉 me and my gf are having a great time here: the food is good; people are nice; the weather is perfect! PedroL

    • Well, we had to wait 7 hours in London for a transfer but it all totalized those 24 hours of journey eheh regards Nawad! PedroL

  2. What a great first-meal & foodie experience in Singapore. Zam Zam is an institution here! Super authentic, and inexpensive too!

    • today I was checking my posts and discovered I havent answered your comments! I am truly sorry… when I wrote it I was on the road and it just passed! I wouldn´t mind too to return to Singapore and spend there a longer period eheh best regards, PedroL

    • today I was checking my posts and discovered I havent answered your comments! I am truly sorry… when I wrote it I was on the road and it just passed! Thanks for your comment and yeah, I had a lovely stay in Singapore, you’re truly lucky to live there eheh best regards, PedroL

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