On the Road: Singapore, Waking up in Alladin’s palace, Going out with Mao

Diversity. If there’s a word to describe Singapore I would say ‘diversity’. A week in this city-state made me and my girlfriend discover all the different cultures that compose and enrich Singapore. And I write it because I truly believe every different culture contribute to make Singapore unique and special, richer.

I love my days there: we were sleeping in a hostel in the muslim quarter, close to the Sultan mosque, an impressive building that reminded me of Alladin’s; then, in a short walk, we could reach Little India and have a glimpse how life might be in this huge country (unfortunately we haven’t been there yet!) with a vegetarian unforgetable lunch.

In a few metro stops, it’s possible to feel the western vibe, with a walk in Clarke Quay, admiring some of the highest skyscrappers of Singapore and the local icons, such as Gardens By the Bay or Marina Bay Sands, the hotel with the highest swimming pool in the world. 
At night it is still possible to go to China. Singapore has an important chinese community and the meeting point is Chinatown. Me and A. discovered (by accident) Hawker Chan, the so-called world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant. Another must-do is to get lost in one of the night markets of Chinatown. It’s always an interesting experience and, if you are lucky enough, you may even find Mao and go for a Tsingtao with him.

We arrive today in Penang island (Malaysia). You are more than welcome to follow our adventure in George Town, a city ruled by street art. Me and my girlfriend had a great time in Singapore. We leave but for sure we’ll return!! Hopefully soon.


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18 responses to “On the Road: Singapore, Waking up in Alladin’s palace, Going out with Mao

  1. In some ways you will find Penang a little like Singapore. It has been said that some parts of Penang are what Singapore was many years ago before development came rapidly.

    • I was lucky because it only rained a bit at night 🙂 you have to go back, it’s an amazing city! Thnx for commenting! PedroL

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