George Town: Art in the Island

I never thought I would ever come to a malaysian island. But I did. At the moment I’m in George Town, the biggest and most important city in Penang island. I came after my girlfriend show me a lot of cool photos portraying the local street art.

In fact, street art (and specially grafiti) has become the symbol of George Town. Two years ago the city invited artists from all over the world to give more colour to the city! And, in my opinion, they did a great job, as George Town has won more and more tourists attracted to discover these unique works.

In George Town you can breath art, not only in the walls but also in places. One of these days, me and my girlfriend discovered ‘Hin Bus Depot’. Previously used as a bus depot (as the name says), this place presents exhibitions and organizes courses – we were invited to do a painting workshop. 

There’s more to see in George Town! The old town is decrepit yet stylish. Even if I haven’t been in Cuba I imagine Havana’s old town similar to what I found here in George Town. 

Another highlight of the city are the Clan Jetties. Located close to the local pier, these typical neighborhoods are composed of houses on stilts extended into the sea. I never thought I would ever see something like this. But I did.

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